Terms and Conditions

System Description

Installation and use of the application requires the customer to have a Microsoft Office 365 license, and the SharePoint solution that includes an active app catalog with access to install the application. This is a standard SharePoint function that requires activation by a system administrator. Support, updates, and maintenance can be performed with administrative rights limited to only the installed application.

  1. License:
    Upon payment as per clause 4, the customer acquires an indefinite right to use the application, meaning the acquired application can be used without expiration under the conditions stated in this agreement.

  2. Service and Support:
    The acquired support agreement covers assistance for installation, support, and insurance for 12 months. The customer can then voluntarily continue the entered support agreement, automatically acquiring ongoing updates according to the latest software version and insurance for rectification from the supplier in case of issues with the application’s functionality, compatibility, and performance.

  3. Transfer:
    The license is non-transferable unless there is a corporate merger in which the company is subordinated as the continuing entity. In other cases of mergers or corporate combinations, a license transfer will require prior written acceptance from the supplier.

  4. Guarantee and Insurance:
    Any errors in the application or errors in future updates will always be rectified by the supplier as soon as possible. The insurance also covers assistance in rectifying inadequacies and compatibility issues, even if they cannot be attributed to program code errors. However, it may not necessarily be free of charge if the problem can be attributed to customer-related factors.

  5. Price and Payment:
    The customer pays a one-time fee for the acquisition of the indefinite license + pays for a one-year service and support agreement covering installation, insurance, and version updates.

  6. Right of Withdrawal:
    Subject to the product not being put into use, the customer has the right of withdrawal within 2 weeks from the purchase.

  7. Termination:
    Upon termination of the support agreement, access to ongoing support, insurance, and program updates will be discontinued. The customer still retains the right to use, and access to functionality and documents remains unchanged but is not guaranteed against future compatibility issues.

  8. Resolution of Disputes:
    Any dispute arising from this agreement, which cannot be resolved amicably, will be settled in accordance with Danish law.